GrassLinen and Towel Procurement

  1. Delivery and pick up of linens will be at the house rented in Mexico Beach, Florida
  2. Review invoice carefully, making sure the order (number and size of items) are correct.
  3. A valid credit card with valid billing address is required with all linen and towel rentals. 
    This is to guarantee return and/or replacement (if damaged) of rented items.
  4. We accept Visa, Master Card, PayPal and Debit Cards.
  5. When paying with a check, the check must be received a minimum of two weeks prior to linen delivery. Please make checks payable to Hospitality Linens, LLC. Please include a copy of your invoice when mailing your check. There is a returned check fee of $30.00.
  6. All linen rentals for Cape San Blas must arrange pick up at The Laundry Basket at 327 Reid Ave., Port St Joe before 6 pm.
  7. Orders received less than 48 hours of arrival are subject to availability and our ability to deliver.


Linen Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. Inspect all linens and towels upon receipt.
  2. All linens and towels are delivered in clean and ready to use condition. If there are any stains or any other issue with the linens or towels, report must be made to Hospitality Linens office the first night of rental. A message describing the situation may be left on the voice mail if no one answers at the office. The telephone number is 850-227-3472.
  3. Please count linens and towels to make sure your full order has been received.
  4. Any discrepancy must be reported to Hospitality Linen's office by 5 pm on the day following the receipt date.
  5. If there are no reports to Hospitality Linen's office by 5 pm on the day following the receipt date, all orders are agreed to be complete and in clean, usable and undamaged condition.
  6. RETURNING OF LINENS & TOWELS: At the end of your rental period, linens and towels can be bagged using the bags they were delivered. All linens are to be picked up at the rental property, 11 am of day of departure.
  7. Linens from Cape San Blas are to be returned to The Laundry Basket, 327 Reid Ave., Port St Joe, FL.
  8. RETURNED ITEMS DISCREPANCY AND DAMAGED ITEMS: If your full rental order is not returned or if there are permanently damaged items (to be determined at the sole discretion of a Hospitaltiy Linen's representative) Hospitality Linen's , LLC. will charge the credit card number used to reserve your order to replace non-returned and/or damaged items.


Linen and Towel Replacement Costs

King Sheets $31.99
Queen Sheets $24.99
Twin Sheets $14.99
Pillowcases $5.99
Bath Towels $9.99
Hand Towels $5.99
Washcloths $1.99
Beach Towels $12.99

*****Please***** …our towels and sheets are for human bodies not auto bodies, boats, trailers, pets, as cleaning rags, bathmats, or for make-up removal. If you choose to launder our linens during your stay, please wash our whites with other whites only and our colors with other colors in cold water only.